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FAQ DraconiusGO

Q: What objects can I see on the map? What are they for?

A: At the moment, there are 5 types of in-game objects:

- Pillars of Abundance.

They look like small blue platforms with a purple light. They give spheres that are necessary for catching creatures, healing potions and other other items that you can find in your bag. They open when you approach them. To use a pillar, approach it, tap on the pillar and swipe the blue crystal.

- Arenas.

Arenas look like big stone platforms with flags of different colors, they look like flower buds. You need Arenas to fight other players and receive gold for that. To capture an Arena and collect gold from it, you need to place one of your creatures to defend it. If there’s no free place in an Arena, you need to attack it with your creatures. An Arena of your faction will gain fame points and upgrade its level thanks to that, which will allow you to put more creatures in it. An enemy arena will lose fame points and its level. When the level of the enemy Arena reaches zero, you will be able to place your creature there too. Fighting in Arenas is available for players starting with level 5, after they’ve chosen their faction.

- Libraries.

Libraries look like high pillars with books turning around them. Players can capture Libraries in the same way as Arenas. As a reward for owning a Library, you can change your creatures’ attack to increase the damage they deal. For instance, you can train your creature to use a terrifying fire whirlwind instead of a weak fireball. Fighting for Libraries is also available starting from level 5, after you’ve chosen your faction.

- Obelisks.

Obelisks look like big white Stones with an illuminating pink crystal. By using Obelisks, players receive quests once a day, for completing them players receive various rewards. However, the main purpose of Obelisks is treasure maps. You can receive fragments of a Mysterious Map from Obelisks. The map shows a place in real world where you need to come and dig out a treasure using shovels you have in your bag. The treasure contains a Golden Egg, from which the rarest and strongest creatures hatch.

- Portals.

Portals look like roundish stone buildings with a blue clot of energy. They appear all around the world at random and disappear after some time. Portals lead to the Rift of Arcana that is inhabited by unique creatures of the element of Arcana. You can also find the Mother of Dragons there and give her creature eggs to hatch for you.

Q: The object (powerful creature, treasure) that I need is located in an inaccessible or dangerous place or private property. Why did this happen?

A: Unfortunately, it happens because the game objects are located at random. We are aware of this problem and are working on fixing it. If you face this problem, simply ignore the inaccessible object. Please do not try to visit such building (monster, treasure) risking your health, life or violating the rights of the owner of private property. We also recommend that you read our Safety Rules on the official website

Q: There are too few objects around me, it’s hard to play.

A: There should be fewer game objects in less thickly populated areas. If you are sure that there are too few objects, contact our technical support team and indicate the coordinates of the area. We are constantly working on improving the algorithm of distribution of objects and generation of new ones, and your case will be examined.

Q: I want to catch dragons, but I get only frogs. Where are the dragons?

A: You can find around 200 creatures from 5 elements in this world at the moment, and there are dragons among them. Dragons are the leaders of their elements, they are very rare and you will need more time to find and catch a dragon. They have no secret hiding places, you may see them in any street, park or even in your house. Hatching eggs and hunting for the Golden Egg may also help you in getting a dragon.

Q: I play with my friend and he catches more rare creatures than I do. Why is that?

A: Some valuable creatures become available only after reaching a certain level. You simply need to upgrade your character and you will soon be able to catch them all. The level restriction does not affect the hatching of eggs, the use of pheromones and lures and other ways to attract creatures. So you have a chance to catch a dragon even at the very beginning of the game.

Q: How do lures work?

A: A lure can be applied to any Pillar of Abundance, and then more and more creatures will appear around the Pillar for half an hour. The effect of lures applies to all players in the vicinity. So, if you come together and put lures on several nearby Pillars, you can pretty well replenish your Bestiaries.

Q: How do pheromones work?

A: Pheromones work like lures, but they are individual for the player who used them, and the latter does not have to stay in the same place. Pheromones attract creatures of only one element depending on the day of the week.

Q: I want to make a nice twisted throw, but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

A: A good twisted throw requires some training, but it also gives you a very good bonus. Keep training. Some creatures are quite hard to hit with a twisted throw. Simply use straight throws for such creatures.

Q: I saw a treasure chest on the way! What is it for?

A: Chests appear in random places for a short time and store valuable items. Open it and you can get some essence, runes for spells, Dragon’s Eyesight and even, sometimes, artifacts.

In addition, opening a chest can activate a temporary bonus for you, for example, increasing the number of items falling from Pillars of Abundance, strengthening your creatures or making Pillars of Abundance give you only the best spheres available for your level.

Chests can be seen by all the players, so if you get one on your way, tell a friend.

Q: What are artifacts?

A: Artifacts are game items that you can put on your character to get very useful permanent bonuses. Artifacts can be bought in the Shop or found in a chest.

To put on an artifact, you need to open the character's screen, tap its image, and next, tap the plus in any cell and select an artifact from its repository.

Q: Can I put on two artifacts with a similar effect? Do they sum up?

A: No. Only one of two artifacts with a similar effect will work. Therefore, put on the most powerful one.

Q: I am walking and the game says “You’re moving too fast” sometimes. What is the reason for that?

А: The reason for this is the error in functioning of the GPS module of your phone. We are working on solving this problem, and such messages will appear less and less.

Q: How can I hatch eggs? I get ancient eggs along with the common ones, what should I do with them?

A: A common egg needs to be simply put in a cocoon and continue playing. After you’ve walked the necessary distance, the egg itself reminds you that it's time to get a new creature out of it. Eggs are for 2km, 5km and 10km. The more complex the egg, the higher the chance to hatch a rare creature from it.

Ancient eggs are of different complexity - for 2 hours, 5 hours and 10 hours. For them, you will need to find the Mother of Dragons. She lives only in some Rifts of Arcana.

The Mother has 3 cocoons, of which only one is always available. The second cocoon is available if you have an artifact with the required effect, and the third becomes available after collecting a set of 8 artifacts of the highest level, which can be bought in the Shop.

There’s only one Mother of Dragons, so even if you find her in different Portals, you will not be able to give her more eggs than your artifacts allow. Also, do not forget that the Rifts exist only for a limited time, and the Mother may return you a partially hatched egg when she leaves the Rift. Do not worry, the progress is saved, just find the Mother in another Rift of Arcana and give her that egg again.

The Mother of Dragons may not be in a Rift - you’ll have to find another one. If the Rift is large, take a walk around it - you may not notice her from far away. She looks like a dragon sitting on a pillar.

Q: I am attacked by wild monsters. What’s happened?

A: Approximately 3 times a day, you may be attacked by a wild creature, whom you can fight by choosing one of your creatures for the battle. If you win, you receive essence and experience, but most importantly - a prize in the form of random magical runes. Wild monsters are the main source of runes in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot catch a defeated wild monster.

Q: What are runes and what do they do? Where can I get recipes for casting spells?

A: Runes are used to create spells that give you a one-time or temporary bonus. To create a spell, you need to install an Altar on the magic screen (it's free), choose the desired recipe and then, having opened the Altar on the map of the game, lay out a set of runes of the correct color. Friends may help you with runes - in that case, the effect of the spell works for everyone who added a rune to the Altar. After the spell has been cast, the used runes disappear (the recipe remains).

3 runes of the same level can be turned into a rune of a higher level. The main sources of runes are chests and wild monsters.

At the beginning of the game, only one recipe is available - the Gift of the Golden Dragon, you can see it on the “Magic” screen. The rest of the recipes can be obtained as a reward for performing daily tasks in an Obelisk. The more difficult the quest, the higher the chance of getting a recipe.

Q: Why can't I place an Altar?

A: Sometimes, Pillars and other objects can interfere with an Altar (including the buildings created by other players that you do not see). Just move aside a little bit and try again.

Q: I heard about enchanted Pillars. What are those?

A: Usually, Pillars of Abundance give you a random set of items. But if you want to have an opportunity to always get the right item, you can enchant a Pillar. This can be done in a special menu inside the Pillar (you don't need recipes or runes for that). From now on (and only for you), this Pillar will always give you only the items you selected: spheres for catching creatures, healing or resurrecting potions, candies for creatures or eggs for hatching. This effect may have an additional bonus, for example, a Pillar enchanted for eggs will give you eggs of higher complexity more often than ordinary Pillars.

You can also cancel the enchantment or replace it with another one. However, to perform another enchantment, you can always choose another Pillar.

Q: Why can I no longer receive eggs from the Pillars?

A: There are restrictions that will not allow you to hatch too many eggs during a limited period of time. Remember about your health. Rest a bit and try to spin the Pillars in a few hours.

However, the restrictions do not apply to enchanted Pillars - you can always get a new egg from them.

Q: How can I collect golden dracoins?

A: On the screen of captured objects, you can see the list of Arenas you’ve captured and the time remaining before the next tax collection. You will receive 6 dracoins from each Arena. However, if you have not received any taxes from that Arena that week, you will receive an additional coin from it as a bonus. You can collect taxes from 10 Arenas at a time. But you can capture more Arenas, for the next collection. You will be able to collect taxes 21 hours after the last collection.

Also, there are artifacts that allow you to collect dracoins from additional Arenas.

Q: How does a Library work?

A: A Library allows you to change your creature’s combat skills. First, you need to take a place there (just like on an Arena), and activate the retraining timer for learning a new combat skill (120 hours). The more libraries you capture, the faster the timer counts down the remaining time. At the end of the countdown, you will be able to change the combat skill of any of your creatures. After learning a new combat skill, all your creatures will return from the Libraries, and you will need to rest for 3 days before re-capturing Libraries.

Q: My creature has been knocked out of an Arena, although I'm sure there was no one around that Arena! Is this a violation of the game rules?

A: There are several reasons why this could happen. For example, there is a rare spell of remote "clearing" of enemy Arenas. However, it is also possible that the "clearing" of the Arena was done by usual battle, and the user who did that violated the game rules using fake GPS coordinates. If you are sure that there was a violation of the rules, please indicate the time when it happened and send the coordinates of the Arena to our support team. If the violation is confirmed, the intruder will be banned.

Q: How does the Dragon's Eyesight work?

A: The Dragon's Eyesight allows you to see creatures and chests in a large range around you and catch them. The most important thing is to hit them, because silhouettes of distant creatures can be very small. You should use the Dragon's Eyesight in a place you don't plan to leave in the nearest time, because the center of the Eyesight always remains at the point where the player’s activated it. Before using the Dragon's Eyesight, we advise you to stock up spheres for catching creatures and make sure that the GPS on your device works stably and the character is displayed in the right place on the map.

Q: How do the Duels of Wizards work?

A: Every day, you have an opportunity to fight 3 other opponents. Be careful and prepare your best creatures, because your opponent will be doing his best to win. If you win, you will get some experience and essence and also, with some probability, you can get the soulstones of the defeated creatures. And the reward will be bigger if you manage to save as much health of your creatures as possible.

Using dracoins, you can buy additional battles, which can be used after the daily limit is reached.

Q: How can I hunt for a Golden Egg, and why do I need Obelisks and shovels?

A: The Hunt for a Golden Egg is a unique type of quests that can be completed once a week. It includes two stages.

At the first stage, you need to find an Obelisk and take a fragment of the treasure map from it. Important: the place of the treasure is the same for players of the Silver and Golden League, if they take the first fragment in one Obelisk more or less at the same time. It will be interesting and advantageous for you to hunt in a group.

The place where a Golden Egg is hidden is usually located within a range of 3 kilometers from your first Obelisk.

Next, you need to collect the remaining fragments by visiting other Obelisks. The more fragments you have collected, the easier it will be to find out the place where the treasure is buried. In all, there are 9 fragments, but you can stop collecting before you’ve got all 9 of them. Some fragments will remain undiscovered, but this will not stop you from finding a treasure.

At the second stage, it is necessary to dig every fragment of the map. To do so, you need to be located on the appropriate place in real life and apply 1 shovel (it would be best if this fragment has been received, then you'll see a special yellow mark on it, confirming that you are not mistaken). Most likely, you will receive a message that there is no treasure on this fragment. After that, go to the place of another fragment and try again. Be careful: do not go beyond the map borders in order not to waste shovels.

If you do it right, you will find your treasure in one of the map fragments. The Golden Egg will hatch after a few seconds. The Golden Egg gives you the highest probability of obtaining powerful creatures! By the way, all members of the hunt group receive different creatures from their Golden Eggs.

Attention: we recommend that you do not attempt to dig if you and your friends do not have enough shovels to cover the map completely (9 shovels), or there isn't an opportunity to buy one or a few urgently. It is also possible that some fragments of the map will lead you to an unreachable territory. Perhaps, in this case, you should not start excavating at all - don’t forget about your safety and better wait for the next Hunt to start.

Q: Why can’t I join the faction I want?

A: A faction may not be available for joining if there are too many players in your region who joined the same faction. After all, if you also join it, then you simply won't have any opponent to fight. To compensate for the inconvenience, we give you dracoins for joining the other, less numerous faction. These dracoins will ensure a more comfortable start for you.

Q: All my creatures came back from Arenas and Libraries, why is that?

A: Congratulations, you’ve moved to the next league! There are several leagues in our game for players of different levels, so that you always can fight equal opponents. There are three leagues at the moment: the Bronze League (for players of level 5 and higher), the Silver League (level 15 and higher) and the Golden League (level 27 and higher). Once you’ve reached the level required for entering a new league, all your creatures come back to you and you need to capture Arenas of a higher level. Being a member of a certain league, you cannot see Arenas' defenders in other leagues. Technically, the same Arena can be occupied by members of the red faction in the Bronze League, members of the blue faction in the Silver League or can be completely empty in the Golden League at the same time.

Q: What do the images of swords and the shield mean?

A: This is an indicator of the creature's character: some of them prefer attacking, others prefer defending themselves. There is no indication of that in the combat parameters on a creature's screen, but in a fight, a creature’s attack will increase by 15% if the creature is given the proper role.

A creature with a shield receives such bonus if it defends an Arena or a Library, and a creature with swords gets the bonus if it attacks an Arena or a Library, as well as when dueling and fighting a wild monster.

Q: What do red, yellow and green colors mean in the menu with the swords and the shield?

A: It's just an opportunity for a player to mark three different sets of creatures: your Chosen ones. The creatures in these lists can be sorted. Chosen creatures cannot be given away (first, you will need to remove them from the list).

Q: Why does my Gryphon get such a small CP increase when being powered up?

A: Different kinds of creatures can be powered up at different speeds on different levels. Your Gryphon, for example, was getting a lot of CP before level 15, so it won't be powered up so fast up to level 30. This allows you to have a really strong creature at levels 15-20 for battles with players of a higher level. This feature is typical for many creatures of the Air element.

UPDATED 03.03.2018

Q: What are Ready-to-Hatch Eggs in the Shop? What can I get from them?

A: If for some reasons you can't spend a lot of time walking around, then instead of cocoons for hatching eggs, you can buy once a day in the Shop the eggs that are ready to hatch. They contain the same creatures as the common eggs with a small exception for the Gift of Mountains and the Gift of Dragons.

2km egg:

- with a probability of about 1.6%, any kind of creature from tier 1 (they are marked with a green background in the Bestiary).

5km egg:

- with a probability of about 0.8% any kind of creature from tier 1 or tier 2 (they are marked with a green or a blue background in the Bestiary).

10km egg:

- with a probability of about 0.3% any kind of the strongest creatures (about 20 kinds, excluding Kingpeat);

- with a probability of about 1.2% any kind of junior forms of the strongest creatures (they give soulstones for the kinds from the previous group);

- with a probability of about 1% any remaining kind of creature from tier 2 or tier 3 (they are marked with a blue or a red background in the Bestiary).

Golden Egg:

- with a probability of 3% for each creature: Kingpeat, Leviathan, Morgoroth, Keeper, Smoargh and Scylla;

- with a probability of about 2.5% any remaining kind of the strongest creatures (about 15 kinds);

- with a probability of about 2.5% any kind of creature from tier 3, which give soulstones you need for the strongest creatures;

- with a probability of about 2% any remaining kind of creature from tier 3 (they are marked with a red background in the Bestiary).

A distinctive feature of the Gift of Mountains:

- the first 10km egg of the lot contains (with an equal probability) any kind of the strongest creatures (about 20 kinds, excluding Kingpeat).

A distinctive feature of the Gift of Dragons:

-the first Golden Egg of the lot contains (with an equal probability) Leviathan, Morgoroth, Keeper, Smoargh or Scylla.